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I have more dreams in life as well, now I want to play softball in college and keep playing as long as I can. As long as I try hard I should be able to accomplish this dream and make it come true. I am going to push myself and make myself work for it.

” “All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them.

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Having two dreams to work for in life really helped me to see what I can do well and what I should continue doing in my young life. I hope that someday I will get to see my other dreams come true, because it is what I believe.

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My dream was to become a professional barrel racer, and be as fast as the wind, I tried hard to be one, but softball got in the way. I always wanted to be a professional barrel racer when I was 5, but I wanted to be a softball player more, and so did the rest of my family, which didn’t really help me, achieve the dream I wanted first. Even though I did not achieve this dream I can still try later. I will always love to ride horses just not as much as softball.

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